Alex + Nick


Alex + Nick
Amnicon Falls State Park


I was so excited to get outside on a beautiful winter day to meet up with Alex and Nick! This winter has been a rough one for trying to schedule a shoot, from temps being way too cold to roads being way too dangerous. But when it all comes together, dang, it’s magic!

They brought along their fur children, Birdie and Darla. Adorable. Within 3 seconds Birdie ripped off her cute bandana and they photo bombed a handful of photos… haha! BUT, a few family photos where they are all together will bring a laugh for years to come!

…I might be a fault if Alex has permanent frost damage to her toes because I needed just “one more shot.”


  1. Dawn Noviello

    March 7th, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    Super fantastic photos!! Alex and Nick look so great and so happy!!! Love the snowy setting; beautiful!! A precious couple!! Looking forward to their big day!!!

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