Dress Sketch

The finished painting is on thick water color paper, 11x14, a standard size so it should be easy to find a frame that matches your home and budget. It’s a one of a kind, commissioned piece of artwork of your bride for:

What we need from you:
                - access to your wedding gallery
                - 2 month window 



This is our way of getting your wedding dress out from under the bed and displayed on your wall.

How does it work? The goal is not to create a realistic portrait as much as an artistic sketch that shows your dress and style. You picked the dress, the hair-style, the perfect ear-rings ....and you looked amazing. 

“The wedding dress sketch is unbelievable! What a treasure!!!!!!! Makes me cry!” – Alicia

“The painting is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I can't explain how special it made me feel and it was totally a dream come true to have a fashion sketch of me.” – Natasha

"IT'S AMAZING! The piece my husband commissioned for me is something I will always treasure. I told my husband when I opened it that it will be passed down for generations. I will treasure this always. You even got my flowers and hair/hair comb spot on!" - Amy