Kelly + Paul


Kelly + Paul
Minnesuing Acres
Lake Nebagamon, WI

During a phone conversation I remember Kelly describing what her and Paul envisioned for their wedding. She said they wanted to have all their favorites gathered together for a weekend of fun that happens to have a wedding ceremony thrown in on Saturday night. They nailed it. Minnesuing Acres was the perfect, private resort for them to host their friends! As we pulled in on Saturday it was the most beautiful winter wonderland.

Below you’ll hear ALL about Kelly + Paul’s planning, ideas and details from Kelly!

From Kelly:

Paul proposed to me in September 2017 while camping out on some wooded land that my family has owned for 50 years.  He wanted to propose someplace that was very important to me, and that was certainly it😊!

Once we decided that we wanted a winter wedding (because both of us actually like winter and snow and activities like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling), we started looking online at resorts in both northern MN and northern WI.  Paul’s family has a cabin near Balsam Lake WI, so we decided to look for a place in northwestern WI first.  I left it to Paul to do some online searching for possible venues where we could invite about 100 people to join us for a fun weekend which would include our wedding ceremony.  Paul came up with about 4 places to look at, so one weekend in Jan 2018, we headed to northern WI to look at the resorts.  We were planning to look at some places toward Hayward, but ended up missing the turn and soon realized that we were close to Minnesuing Acres.  We had no idea what MA really was about, so we figured we might as well stop and check it out before heading towards the places that we thought we were more interested in!

Our intention was to find a place that would provide a lot of fun and entertainment for our guests – a kind of mini vacation – and we would get married at some point in the weekend😊

We walked into Minnesuing on a cold January day, saw the beautiful Great Room with the fireplace, and looked at each other and said “This is it”.  There was only a couple employees hanging out having lunch at the time, and one of them, Emily, gave us a tour and told us a lot of the history of Minnesuing.  Every room we went into convinced us even more that this was the place that we wanted to get married.  Both Paul and I are “Cabin people” and grew up going to family cabins our entire life, so Minnesuing felt perfect to us.  Jim Polinsky was not there that day, so we followed up with him the next week and eventually decided on the weekend of 2/16/19 for our wedding at Minnesuing.

I was traveling A LOT for my job over the summer, so one of the things I really appreciated was the all-inclusive nature of having the wedding at Minnesuing.  Everyone there was so helpful throughout the entire process.  People suggested the DJ (Cory with Sounds Unlimited), Cory suggested you guys as the photographer, you suggested your sister as an officiant, and we ended up using all the vendors that were suggested to us!! I had such confidence in everything suggested to us by Jim and Brianna from MA.

The hardest part of the wedding planning?  Making the guest list, by far!  We wanted so many people to come and have fun with us!  But the lodging accommodations limited us.  It took several revisions of the guest list before we really settled on the group we invited.  This was Paul’s first wedding (never been married before) and I wanted him to really have this however he wanted it.  It was hard not to include everyone, but we ended up with just a fabulous group of friends and family. Even though I did not have to do what I would consider too much of the planning (because MA took care of it), I did have to find Save The Dates, Invitations, create agendas, etc.  I actually created the invitations, using an online printing service, on a flight from MN to CA on one of my business trips😊.


The wedding weekend at Minnesuing Acres exceeded all my expectations!  The lodge is beautiful and the rooms are fabulous.  The food is non-stop and SO GOOD!!!! They were so willing to work with us on whatever we wanted to do for food!  We did not want a cake, but I asked for apple crisp – and it was delicious!! Every single staff member was professional, personable, and helpful.  Friday night was a smaller group and we had a bonfire by the skating rink and Jim suggested we do some Winter Games on the rink.  The guys from MA led the games and everyone who participated had a blast!  Friendly competition!  Those who did not come outside to play that night spent the evening talking, reading by the fire, or playing pool, bowling, or swimming.  It was wonderful. 


The actual wedding day was sunny, not too cold, and the snow was in perfect condition.  I can’t believe I actually went cross country skiing AND snowshoeing on my wedding day!  The ceremony was beautifully presented thanks to Cory at Sounds Unlimited.  Dinner was phenomenal, and dancing was so much fun!  When Sunday came, everyone was relaxed, smiling, and so happy from the weekend!!  It was perfect to get away from our normal lives and escape to Minnesuing Acres for a few days.  I felt like royalty, and like I was in another world.  My “happiness high” lasted well into this week😊.

Paul and I will never forget all the special things Jim and Minnesuing did for us.  Everyone was happy all weekend.  Everyone thanked us for inviting them and told us how much fun it was for them to get away and do some outdoor activities or just enjoy the lodge.  We do not have a single regret or complaint about having our wedding at Minnesuing Acres.  It was interesting how many connections our guests had to the staff at Minnesuing or the place itself!  A handful of people had actually been there for Corporate events; a couple of our guests had gone to the same high school as Jim; a couple other guests had gone to a local church camp with Al and Lyndsey; one of our guests used to come regularly to Minnesuing as an event planner (he had been there 15 times before!).  We did not know any of this when we first decided to get married at Minnesuing, but as more of this came to light during the weekend, it just made it more clear that this was the best place we could have chosen for our wedding.


We will never forget it, we smile every time we talk about it, and I would not have done one thing differently that weekend!

  1. Sarah Lauer

    March 4th, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    It was the best wedding I ever went to (other than ly is 😁

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