"Al & Lyndsey are pretty much photography superheros. Having witnessed them work at a friend's wedding, I knew I needed them for mine! Their teamwork, skill, and knack for natural beauty perfectly captured our wedding day. They were so fun to be around, and we felt so at ease. Besides being able to have some upstanding people with you nearly your entire wedding day, the photo book, the engagement photo session, ease of the online photo system, mini photo books, and our own flash drive really exceeded our expectations. I thoroughly recommend Al & Lyndsey. They are genuine people that have your best interests at heart."


"Al & Lyndsey are an amazing team- not only did they take awesome photos that captured the mood and ambiance of the day, but they are the perfect combination of organized, relaxed and funny that allowed my groom and I to feel at ease and truly enjoy our day. They really go above and beyond their job description as well- my husband and I had a "miscommunication" about if we were writing love letters to each other before our 1st look. Lyndsey saw me writing mine and sent Al a text telling him I was doing so...Al then turned to my husband while he was getting ready and was like "dude, you gotta write a love letter ... now". Because of them, not only did we get our perfect first look, but we get this pretty hilarious story to laugh about when we find our communication with each other to be less-than-perfect. I seriously couldn't recommend these two more highly. They are the BEST!"


"OMGOSH WE ARE OBSESSED!!!! Thank you so so much. We are so happy with all of these, they just exude JOY! Thank you!"


"We cannot thank you enough. These pictures are beyond beautiful. They truly captured all of the emotions felt on that day and brought tears of laughter and joy. We feel so blessed to be able to look back at these for the rest of our lives. It is so fun to be able to relive the best day of our lives through all of these photos, especially from a different perspective!"  


“We could not have dreamed of better photographers for our wedding.  Al & Lyndsey were there for us every step of the way. Lyndsey was amazing at answering all of my emails right away and was quick with advice when I asked for it, from nailing down a timeline for our day to what she thought of my choice of nail polish. Having them around felt like having some friends around. They laughed with all of our family and friends and got some really creative and beautiful shots. I love the dedication they showed to our day. They were there from the moment I started getting ready til late in the evening when the photobooth started dying down. The quality of their pictures is unmatched. I love the photo album they gave us, as it gives us the opportunity to relive that day in vivid detail. I can't say enough good things about them because not only did they capture our special day, but they were part of what made it so special!"


"We call them " Ninjas with cameras ". Al & Lyndsey’s photography skills are beyond amazing, as are they! We couldn't be any happier with our pictures! Love Love Love"


"Al & Lyndsey made our day amazing. They were more than photographers. They were our planners for the day. They were our assistants in getting ready. They corralled everyone onto the shuttle bus. Most of all, they made us EXTREMELY comfortable in front of the camera and were making us laugh, naturally, the entire time." 


“You CAN have your cake and eat it too! These two are absolutely incredible. We met them briefly prior to inviting them to our wedding in Costa Rica and felt as if we had struck gold. Not only did they take pictures that are second to none, but they added an element to our party that made it unforgettable. They are two genuinely awesome people to be around and are experienced enough to know which moments we are going to want to capture. To be honest, I don't think 5 stars does this incredible duo justice. Michael Jordan was meant to play basketball; Al & Lyndsey were meant to perform their craft and add an incredible human element that I did not anticipate! "