Sarah + Erik

Sarah + Erik
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church – Apple Valley, MN
Reception at the Minneapolis/Bloomington Hilton


Sarah has been a friend of ours for years. One of those unique souls who spreads beauty everywhere she goes. We’ve ran into her when she’s singing at a wedding or we’ve literally ran by each other during a marathon!! No matter what she’s doing she adds an element of grace and when she flashes that smile you can’t help but smile back. Erik, we just met him during the engagement shoot and our instant impression, he is an absolute gentleman! That cheesy phrase, a match made in heaven… yeah, that fits for these two.

Our Story: Just an Old Fashioned Love Song (written by Sarah)

I love when people ask me and Erik the question: “How did the two of you meet?” I love it because I know I can count on Erik’s witty response: “The old fashioned way…online!” Let me tell you more.

I was nearing the end of an online dating subscription and was kind of over the whole online dating scene. I had every intention of not renewing my subscription when I received an email from a guy who called himself worldtravelman11. I can’t remember what the email said, but it contained a high volume of exclamation points!! I thought to myself, “What harm could one more date do?” So, we agreed to meet at the Lowry for drinks and I hoped for the best. I ended up arriving first, and did my best to calm my first date jitters as I waited for Erik. He was en route from a business meeting and informed me, via a text, that he’d be showing up to the restaurant as the best dressed person there. I breathed a sigh of relief as I caught onto Erik’s humor. He walked into the restaurant and I immediately recognized a very sharply dressed man, and was taken by his captivating blue eyes and warm presence. Conversation came easily and the date ended in the parking lot with a surprise kiss (thank goodness for little sisters who graciously answer their phones late at night to help you process parking lot kisses!).

It didn’t take many dates after the Lowry for me to realize that Erik was “the one,” and our love story began to unfold. Over the past few years our friendship and respect for each other has grown through church, travel, trips to the cabin to enjoy our mutual love of the outdoors, spending time with our families and friends, and teaching each other new things.


Our Story: How it Happened (written by Sarah)

I try to make it a goal to get to Nebraska at least once a fall to visit extended family and see a Husker football game. Erik is a good and willing sport, and has spent the last several falls accompanying me. But, the fall of 2017 was a particularly hectic fall, and the only available weekend to get away to Nebraska happened to be Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving is Erik’s favorite holiday, so I was nervous to ask him to spend it away from his family. Being the incredibly kindhearted man that he is, Erik agreed to do Thanksgiving weekend with me and my Nebraskan crew. Little did I know, Erik had something extra special planned for our weekend away in Lincoln.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Erik and I were throwing around ideas of how we could spend the afternoon. Wanting to take advantage of some holiday sales, we landed on shopping at the mall a block away from where my grandparents live. So when Erik plugged directions into the GPS on his phone, I started asking questions: “Are we going to the mall? You know it’s just a block away, right? Are we stopping somewhere else first? etc., etc., etc…” Erik eventually interrupted my frenzy and said, “Babe, stop asking questions.” I’d like to say it was at that moment that “I knew,” but there had been enough times that I thought a proposal was coming and didn’t happen that I was reluctant to get my hopes up again. We ended up at the Sunken Garden, which is a gorgeous public garden in the heart of Lincoln. We walked around, taking in the views and spotting fish in the koi pond. After fumbling around with his phone, Erik finally got it balanced in a tree to take a self-timer-photo. He later informed me he was trying to capture the big moment on video. Erik sat down next to me and when the coast was clear, got down on one knee, said some incredibly sweet and beautiful things, then asked: “I was wondering if you’d be interested in marrying me?” I was VERY interested!


What were the most memorable moments of the wedding day?


1) Sharing the sweet and tender moment of the “first look” with Erik. It gave us both peace and reassurance to be in each others’ presence and have a moment alone together before the day really took off.

2) Exchanging hugs with our parents following the lighting of the unity candle was incredibly meaningful and really symbolized for me an acknowledgement of where we’d come from and the new chapter we were embarking upon together.

3) I will never forget having our benediction sung to us by my choir friends from the National Lutheran Choir and Luther College. They wrapped around us and sang “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” by Lutkin. It was a thin space for sure, a moment when heaven meets earth, that was like having God’s love blanketed around us to bless us and give us strength for our future.


For me, the first look with Sarah and taking photos with all of our guests at the reception via a receiving line were the most memorable moments of the wedding day. The first look because I hadn’t seen Sarah all day and felt comforted when we were able to talk and hug. The photos with guests because it was great to greet everyone individually, hear their comments, and have a memento of everyone who could share in our special day with us.


What was a surprise during the wedding planning process?

Sarah: A surprise for me during the process of getting married were the moments when I felt emotional. They weren’t at all when or how I expected them to happen. For example, I called The Lowry in Uptown the day before the wedding, where we had our first date, to clear it with them to have our wedding party stop by between the ceremony and reception. As I was explaining our story and the situation to them, I could barely finish my sentences because I was getting so choked up. Everything also felt way more “real” than I ever anticipated at the rehearsal, which helped me get most of my jitters out for the big day.

Erik: A surprise for me was the reaction of family and friends. There were people I didn’t think would be that into the planning and wedding itself, who turned out to be way more into the whole deal than I would have expected. I was also surprised that I experienced so many extremes of emotions over the course of the wedding weekend — and can report that it ended up being one of the greatest days of my life!


Ceremony: Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, Apple Valley
Reception: Hilton Minneapolis
Florist: Lisa Boemer, Forget Me Not Floral Events
Videographer: Connor Gundy CGI Productions
DJ: Instant Request DJ Entertainment, Jimmy
Dessert: Nothing Bundt Cakes
Hair: The AMAZING Bri Morin from Cole’s Salon – Savage, MN
Makeup: Greta Guldseth
Wedding Dress: Bella Bridal Boutique, Maggie
Alterations: Custom Sewing by Heather
Bride’s Rings: Sartor Hamann in Lincoln, NE
Bridesmaid Dresses:
Groom’s Suit: Nordstrom
Groom’s Ring: MSP Jewelers, Minneapolis
Sound and Lighting: Jimmy Goben with Instant Request
Transportation: Renee’s Limos


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