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We LOVE weddings because of the extravagant beauty of everything - especially the bride.  All your wedding guests, and your groom got to see the culmination of years of dreaming, planning, and shopping for the most perfect hair, accessories, shoes ...and dress.  Al has been creating sketches of your wedding beauty choices, so you can have a piece of art ...of you. 

Dress Sketches

Project Whiteboard

Have you ever made the effort to tone your body by dieting and watching exercise videos?  "Project Whiteboard" is just that . . . except for our creative muscles.  A CREATIVE'S WORKOUT!  

- Sometimes Al will send Boo an email of an illustration designed to try and stump his writing skills.

- Sometimes Boo will send Al an email with a poem, just to see what he comes up with for an illustration.

project whiteboard
the book

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