- gets all "tech-y" with flashes, filters and slow shutter speeds
- professed do-it-yourselfer,
             ...because nothing is good enough unless it's "Johnsonized"
- the roadie in this relationship, ...but says he is the "arm-candy"
- views Lyndsey as super cool, so he ALSO runs marathons
- would wear Carhart pants everyday if he could get away with it
- owned by chocolate and coffee
- spends any free minute tinkering in the garage
- dream vehicle: that 80's Land Cruiser he once rode in Ethiopia

- master of natural light photography with that intimate look
- can't stop laughing at people who trip
- will NOT buy anything unless it is on extreme sale
- at 28 decided it would be fun to run a marathon every year
- is the brains, connection and creative power in this relationship
- looks amazing in anything, probably even a gunny-sack 
                          ...and doesn't even know it (Al wrote this one)
- spends any free minute surfing interior-decorating sites
- dream vehicle: old-school VW Van